Weekly Market Update


Thursday, May 9, 2019

California state lawmakers have proposed seven bills meant to tighten regulation of for-profit and private colleges registered with California's Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. The bills, which share a goal of prioritizing student success over institutional profits, may be one of the first attempts to tighten regulation on online program management (OPM) companies. Institutions have increasingly partnered with OPMs, often entering into long term revenue-sharing agreements to launch online programs and recruit students. Critics claim that the tuition-sharing agreements create incentives that encourage predatory recruiting of students.

In Other News

  • Publisher Wiley Education will acquire the educational technology company Knewton. Knewton had raised more than $180 million in venture capital with promises of personalized learning through adaptive learning technology. After ten years of strong investment, funding ran dry as Knewton struggled to deliver on its claims. Wiley is looking to incorporate Knewton's adaptive learning technology into its own courseware platform, WileyPLUS.
  • Johns Hopkins University announced that it will create the first interdisciplinary center for school safety and health in higher education. The center will be focused on the safety of students from kindergarten through undergraduate years, addressing issues such as suicide, trauma, and bullying.
  • Harvard has banned former government professor, Jorge Dominguez, from campus, after a yearlong investigation into claims of sexual misconduct against him. The school found Dominguez responsible for unwelcome sexual conduct toward multiple individuals during a period spanning nearly four decades, and will revoke his emeritus status.