Weekly Market Update


Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Gates Foundation will work with the American Association of State Colleges and Universities to create the Commission on the Value of Postsecondary Education as part of an effort to gauge the economic value of attending college. As the cost of attending college rises and enrollment declines, the commission plans to investigate whether college credentials create a reliable path to economic opportunity. The commission hopes its results will be used by colleges to assess their efficacy, by policy makers to gauge the public's benefit from its investment in higher education, and by students and their families to help decide where and what to study.

In Other News

  • The White House asked Congress to divert $3.9 billion from an estimated $8 billion Pell Grant program surplus toward other uses, including NASA space flights. Higher education policy experts argue that the surplus should be left in place, as it helps avoid the sort of shortages that occurred after the 2008 recession, when the number of Pell Grant recipients jumped by 1.2 million and caused a $10 billion budget shortage.
  • Georgetown announced that it will expel two students linked to the admissions scandal involving the University's tennis coach. The expulsion will be based on the students' affirmation that the information and statements in their applications were "true, correct, and complete." A third student filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to block the university from imposing sanctions against him, arguing that he was unaware of his father's activities.
  • The University of Oregon and Oregon Health and Science University have withdrawn from the not-for-profit Alliance of Western Energy Consumers (AWEC). AWEC is an energy industry lobbying group, and the withdrawal comes after the group's recent opposition to Oregon Governor Kate Brown's Climate Action Plan. Other AWEC members like Microsoft and Intel have indicated that they will review their membership.